Sunday, June 11, 2006


June yes JUNE 2006 Glass's Guide - never opened Item number: 4643413619

You know what it's for.

You know who doesn't want you to have it.

You know how much money you can make / save with it.

So get the JUNE 2006 edition now! Yes bang up to date retail and trade prices.

Brand Spanking New, all shiny and unused.

The guide will be posted 1st Class Recorded Delivery as soon as your payment has been received.

On 25-May-06 at 21:47:25 BST, seller added the following information:

Here we go; the ebay great and good exercising their brain cells - and both of them appear to be in fine working order this month:

Yes it's for car prices - what do you think its for - opticians?
No there are no pages missing - there do appear however, to be not an insignificant number of ebayers with a few pages missing...let me introduce you...
Do you see the word NEW in the ad? Yes me too, therefore NOT USED does spring to mind. Whilst we are on the subject of 'not used' and 'minds'....
Yes it is the latest guide. Unless you live in a different space/time continuum or work from a different calendar to the rest of the human race (I do admit to making somewhat of an assumption here as to your species) June would appear to be the month following this one. Therefore unless I have dropped into some form of treacle borne universe where my time has irrevocably slowed, or that given my life appears to be one exciting whorl wind of meeting such fascinating creatures on ebay that I hadn't actually noticed June slipping past, then yes the June 2006 edition is the latest guide. Sniff... whats that smell?? Smells like singed neuron to me.
Can I just say here and now if anyone else asks for me to send them the photos (see item 4633452260) from Donald and his wife I will publish their email addresses here for all to flame them. This would be a just punishment for making two assumptions. First is the assumption that I am sad enough to have kept the photographs - trust me they were not pretty. Secondly that I would collude with your unhealthy sexual habits...(yewe! ugh). I think that there is enough rot on the www without spreading any more. You have been warned.
Hey what can I say? Let's start with NO. If you want the trade price for a Daewoo buy the bloody book - I'm not an information service. I shudder to ask, but what are you doing considering a Daewoo? I am proud to say I know of no one who owns such a vehicle and the people I have seen driving them, I have to say, don't exactly inspire confidence.

If you are confused about any of the questions and replies that are here or want to see the orginal Galaxy ad go to where all the questions and replies reside. There is also the multiversity blog at (requires a higher IQ). The serious Ambiguity Advantage blog is at


On 26-May-06 at 09:51:07 BST, seller added the following information:

For the love of....

I had no idea that there were so many Daewoo drivers on ebay (on reflection...). Sorry Ginny or is it Ginnie or Ginne my statement stands. How the hell can you argue that Daewoo drivers are 'normal' people when you send me an email where you have (miss)spelt your own name in three different ways. 'Normal' people as you put it know how to spell their own name. How was school? Hard? - I bet. I reckon you were a little confused to get such low marks in the exams especially when the teacher told you that 5 marks were guaranteed just for putting your name on the paper. Dear me where are all these people living? Is there some estate somewhere not on the maps, hidden away by the government that it keeps quite about - like the old nuclear bunkers, just in case a census reveals the real educational attainments of the UK?
Now there's an idea - I know MENSA has quite low membership numbers but I wondered if a membership organisation called DENSA would be more successful. Being able to spell your own name would probably bar you from membership, but owning a Daewoo would put you right up there in their hall of fame, board level no doubt.

Yes it will be sent to you as soon as I get the payment.
Yep by first class recorded, Bill - read the ad.
Yes if you want it by special delivery I can arrange that - no probs
Bill, why the 'f' did you ask all those questions about postage and then ask if you can pick it up as you just live around the corner? I have a horrid feeling the estate I speculated about above could be some what closer than I feared.
Ok enough bid!

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