Wednesday, May 03, 2006


MAY 2006 Glass's Guide YES MAY 2006!!! Unused Item number: 4634871418

Q:hi there, what is your buy it now price regards neil.
A:There isn't one. The bid now button, whilst a miserable replacement usually satisfies, give it a go, you know it makes sense.
Q:Can i buy this GUIDE from Woolworths?
A:You shop at Woolworths???? Woh way out of my shopping league - on different planet..
Q:I've heard from an insider that May's issue features an exposé on faulty cup holders in contemporary vehicles, can you confirm this?
A:Imagine what value the new 'glasses guide for human values May 2006 would catalogue the following at: ......................... The ever popular high milage 'ebayius emailier horribalus' with extra side handles and spare tyre. The frankly very low production special edition model of 'ebayius intelligencia gotalifeia' and of course the 'lesser spotted nonebayius productiva lifeoralla'.
Q:hi could you tell me how much a picasso 2003 is worth regards gregers
A:Hmmmm now let me look...retail or trade? Ahh here we are page 177. Ok Trade is.... er hang on just make sure I have the right model. Ok here it is yup Lots and retail, well that must me a missprint. Ok, nope it must be right. Retail is a hell of a lot. BID...NOW you are sure of a bargain.
Q:You describe this as MAY 2006 Glass's Guide YES MAY 2006!!! Unused Why does it say April on the front cover?
A:Ooops wrong photo...I'll replace it sorry
Q: hi,, how much to buy it now,,,, including delivery,, paypal... Simon
A: Sorry no buy it now. Bidding all the way. Regards Dave
Q:whats the average size of a fully grown male bottle nose dolphin (at room temperature)?
A:Odd that you should ask this. As a dolphin trainer for Gullible Travel Seaworld I think that you will find the average of the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin is about 10 feet maxing out at 12 feet long. This compares favourably with the common bottle brained homo sapien who stretches out to a mean of about 5' less with an IQ and wit to match. Tipped for extinction the WWF and the UN have decided not to place 'homo stellacognito daftus' them under a protection order in the interests of the protection of the higher order species 'homo ebayus sellaris'. Show your IQ - Bid and now. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Q:have you got a buy it now price?
A:Hi No but there is a very nice buy it later button cunningly disguised as a 'bid now' button. Give it a go. It will increase your IQ by at least 20 points and make you even more attractive. Have fun.

i have become somewhat addicted to your blog. at the risk of sounding as if i hope your correspondences with dimwits on ebay continues for the benefit of myself and others who find this hysterically funny... i hope they keep coming, and you keep sharing them.
Hello. Have you ever had sexual relations with a cupholder? It is the best!!!!
Sorry you are having so much trouble with idiots on ebay. Much like Ms. McGee, I agree that your are extremely funny, and love reading your auctions. I'm on the other side of the pond so I wont be bidding. Good Luck! :)
My father-in-law (from Los Angeles) forwarded your eBay email trail to me in Boston, so it is now traveling rapidly across North America. I offer my sincere hopes that "Bob" has finally stopped his campaign of harassment and has found suitable cupholders. Thanks for putting up this blog - it's hilarious!
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