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Questions from other members : SUPER Beautiful KIMBARA CLASSICAL GUITAR Item number: 7409574663

Q: just seen your items for sale i cant believe the ppl on ebay they must be from frigging planet yonk never laughed so must in my life well done on the replies to them
A: Hmmm been searching the A-Z Street Atlas of the Universe the Saga Guide to Interplanatery Travel by Zimmer Frame and the Rough guide to Veggie Meals for under a tenner in the Galaxy and beyond. Nope, no planet Yonk. A review is a must.

Q: hi, do you think it would be possible to fit a small child in the case with the guitar removed?
A: Shhhh don't tell anyone but there is actually a family of fairies living in there now. Only special people can see them. Going by your question I feel sure that you are one of those 'special' people. Remember now don't tell anyone, especially a grown up.

Q: do the cupholders work?
A: Hmmm I wonder, as a kid did you find that you were always the first to be picked for the team sports? No? (I can't imagine why not). Ok Did you ever find it strange that in a class of 32 no one ever appeared to have a birthday party and oddly that when you had yours (in a that very nice telephone box at the end of your road) everyone else was having root canal surgery all at the same time? As an adult do you find that your social life revolves around QVC? Sound familier erhm 'Playboy'? Whilst we are on the subject I am sure that as a QVC account holder you will find some lovely cup holders on the said channel. Learning to play this guitar could just be what you are looking for. Just think how popular you could be in your thick woolly cardigan, strumming Kumbaya down at the centre. Now about your ebay name...I don't want to be the first to say anything but....

Q: Dave I liked your answers! Are any parts of this guitar laminated? Can I pick up if I win this . Thanks Tony Herts
A: Hi Tony. It's solid wood and yes you an pick it up. I assume you are close and capable. No postage if you do, safer and even better you can bring the cash. This is a very nice instrument. If you are close you are welcome to come and look before you bid. Regards Dave

Q: Does it have cup-holders? Sorry...i just had to! but does it? no really???? I'll get me coat.......
A: Good have a niced long walk. This is the first of 23 mentioning cup holders to date. I suppose there is a little bit of Bob in quite a large percentage of the population. Sad really. I think a Bob blog is called for. Ok guys it's being constructed at:

Q: You say this is a classical accoustic guitar but how many strings are there ?
A: I find counting usually helps. However as an equal opportunities seller and in the interests of diversity I would not want to be accused of disadvantaging the neuronally challanged. One answer is that there are no strings attached. Another is the only string attached is you need to bid and pay and no doubt many more references to strings. However the best advice I can give you is to click on the little box next to where it says 'your maximum bid' and type in 100 and click bid now. Simple, satisfying and almost guaranteed to boost your IQ by oh about 3 points per £ bid. have fun!

Q: Dave, coulld you possibly play a few bars so I hear what it sounds like. Cheers. Greg.
A: There you go.

Q: Hi, Could you tell me a bit about the action on the guitar? thanks, Duncan
A: Hi Duncan. A pleasure. That's it. It was a pleasure, we both enjoyed it and she didn't fret. We had an upper bout as well, which as you can imagine was key to the hole action. She asked was my finger board. I had to say no of course not, how could it be as you have such a sound hole. She asked if I liked the head. Well I couldn't lie now could I? I mean, what's a guy to say when she had a bridge like that? I felt such a nut. Anyhow I showed her my saddle and she said 'You're 1st String with me anytime', even my vibration machine heads in the wrong direction compared to yew. So I upped the tempo. To really get her going I headed for her crotchet and tried lower bout and that appeared to amplify her tune. In addition I must just say that she had the most amazing rosette. Quite wonderful. Does that answer your question? might help

Q: Is the guitar an electric one?
A: Here we go again. Its Acoustic. look it up on Google. However in your case try this. Bid, win, get the guitar and follow these instructions: Take a 3 pin 13 amp plug and replace the fuse with a small piece of wire from a coat hanger. Wire the plug up with a length of high ampage cable (available from any DIY store). Bare the other ends of the wire. You will notice on the guitar that some of the strings are silver and shiny. Attach the red wire to the end of one shiny silver string. Attach the blue wire to another siny silver string. Now you are left with a green and yellow wire. This is fine, just leave it loose and make sure (this is important) that it doesn't touch any part of the guitar or you. Wouldn't want to spoil the effect. Ok simply insert the plug into an electric socket of your choice and switch on at the wall. You now have a super electric / acoustic guitar. Play a few bars and you will be shocked at how well you play.

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